My name is David Klein.

I have been in the Internet Marketing Industry about 5 years now. Paducah Kentucky is where I call home these days. Prior to that I had lived in San Diego Ca all my life. I was a Consultant/World Class Hairstylist/Performing Artist/ Instructor for Redken 5th Avenue NYC. Traveled the world for Redken 5th Avenue NYC. Was in the top 10 performing artists out of 600 or more. I was also an instructor at the prestigious Redken Academy in NYC. Had a 6-figure income. Owned my own home in San Diego CA. Had an apartment in NYC. I looked forward to waking up and living each new day always learning and sharing new things. I always loved the way it made me feel when I could help someone else along the way. I had a great life. Until about 11 years ago.

One day the end of August 2007 I laid down about 4:00 pm to take a nap. Was feeling a little dizzy. When I woke up a couple of hours later. My life had changed completely. I had a stroke while I was sleeping. I couldn’t use my right hand or arm at all and couldn’t for 3.5 months. So much for being a World Class Hairdresser/Preforming Artist for Redken 5th Avenue NYC. While I was in the Hospital recovering from the stroke I was told reason I had a stroke was because I was about to die from Brain Cancer and didn’t even know I had it. I no longer had the ability to earn a 6- figure income as a Consultant for Redken 5th Avenue NYC and suddenly had to learn how to survive on a check from SSI $935.00 dollars a month I received from state disability. After about 6 years trying to survive and realizing I could never hold down a normal 9-5 40 hours a week job again. I remembered the first time I typed into a search how to make money online. I was amazed at the opportunities that were available. I decided to get real serious about figuring out how to make money online at least enough money to support myself and live a better life than collecting an SSI check for $935.00 a month for the rest of my life.

Like most internet marketers just starting out. I bought a few information products and thought I would be able to figure out how to make money online. I found myself going from one information product to another trying to understand everything I had to do to be able to finally make money online. Everything from building my own website/blog to creating my own information products to affiliating marketing to CPA marketing to social media marketing.

After about 3 years of spending all my time and all my money and not having much success. I realized If you really wanted to learn how be an Internet Marketer and become a successful Internet Marketer. The best thing I could do for myself was to stop wasting time and money trying to learn this on my own and to invest my time and your money in an “online coach” an “Internet Marketing Coach”. Someone who was already successful and generates a very nice income from his or her marketing online. It took me a few tries to find the right fit. About a year ago I found a successful Internet Marketer that offered a coaching program that was affordable. His students pay a monthly fee and you can reach him on Skype and arrange coaching calls and create a plan of attack and step by step he will work with you until you reach your goals or level of success or desired level of income you are wanting to achieve.

I also must tell you my mentor / online coach was the first online marketer I had meet in 5 years that told you exactly what it was going to take for you to get there. He will keep you on track and be accountable and follow through and will guarantee if you act and do the thing he teaches you he will guarantee you will succeed. I am proof and I will say if I can do it, anyone can do it.

My online coach is a man named Mark Wightley. Now I will tell you having Mark available on skype and doing regular monthly coaching calls kept me on track but it wasn’t until I went all in took advantage of the opportunity to have Mark Wightley work with me coaching me one on one. OMG I highly recommend if you have the chance to work with Mark Wightley one on one don’t walk run do not pass go do not collect 200.00. Sign up and get ready for the ride of your life. Again I am living proof. I invested in a one on one coaching program with Mark Wightley and his partner Mialei Iske and I am very proud to say I successfully launched my first information product for internet marketers along with Mark Whitley and Mialei Iske on the platform on 2/21/2017 I launched a product called “Cash In With Bing” To date I have had 762 sales for a total of $6,529.41 in gross revenue sales.

So, when you visit you will find Ethical Internet Marketing Recourses, Honest Affiliate Marketing Reviews, Tips, and Tricks everything you will need to succeed.

To Your Success