Hey everybody David Klein here. Today I wanted to give you a brief overview of a WordPress Plugin that was released on November 7th, 2016 called The Tube Equation Formula and Unique Plugin. Created by Mark Wightley and Mialei Iske. Go here for the official Tube Equation Website.
This plugin is an invaluable tool for anyone that uses Video marketing to promote their Online Business/Brand.

The Tube Equation Video Training is extensive and required to learn exactly how to research, create, and rank a YouTube video on the first page.

Then you will learn a system to turn that traffic into a list or immediate sales.

How does The Tube Equation Plugin to help you outrank the competition?

— Allow you to Easily uncover the exact keyword search volumes
— Displays keyword ideas based on The Tube Equation Formula
— Will tell you whether you will rank for a keyword using this system
— Tells you whether the keyword is a buyer keyword and has led to sales in the past
— Breakdown YouTube and Google keyword competition metrics.
— Track rankings on YouTube for all selected keywords.
— Monitor and track all video views, shares, likes and comments.
— Comes with a built-in super easy to use link creation tool
— Full link tracking and monitoring plus so much more…

The result would be to have the ability to build a highly targeted and very profitable email list and create a minimum of $100 Per Day to scale it to over $300 Per Day.

The idea is to build an email list from some videos and to sale directly from others.

Through the email list we will be doing promotions as well, so you will be constantly earning. The bigger the email list you build the more money you can make.

The Tube Equation is one of the most useful WordPress plugins I personally have ever used. I will say the first time I went through the complete video training course I was a little overwhelmed not because I wasn’t understanding the information but let me warn you Mark and Mialei really know the meaning of over delivering. They give you all the tools and show you exactly how to use them step by step to successfully creating a passive income on autopilot. Nothing better than recurring income. You know it where you do the work one time, but you get paid over and over again. I personally have only recently realized the income opportunity of video marking on YouTube. Just between you and I creating product review videos and posting them on YouTube is an awesome way to generate leads and tons of free targeted traffic to your website and or affiliate products. Keep in mind the key to making this all come together is being able to get you videos ranked on the first page of YouTube and Google. That is precisely what The Tube Equation plugin along with a tried and true method were created to do.

Concluding thoughts for The Tube Equation I am giving The Tube Equation plugin and the creators Mark Wightley and Mialei Iske A 5 Stars Rating. If you have been wanting to get started with video marketing or you want to take you video marketing to the next level and cash in I personally recommend that you pick up The Tube Equation plugin today go through the awesome training provided. Follow the steps of how to set it up and use The Tube Equation plugin and method and jump in front of your competition and profit from an untapped video marketing method before everyone else does. I am planning on cashing in on my share. Hope you do too.

Go here for the official Tube Equation Website.

David Klein
David Klein

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