Who is David L Klein.

I was born in Seattle Washington July 12, 1959.I was raised in San Diego California and lived there until 5 years ago when I moved to Paducah Kentucky to live with my Stepmom and Brother after being diagnosed with Cancer for the second time in my life. I have been very fortunate to be a 2-time Cancer Survivor. The first time I bet Brain Cancer 11 years ago. The second time I bet Lymphoma 2 years ago and very happy to say I have been complete Cancer Free for the past 2 years.


I had been a Professional hairdresser all of my life and a Performing Artist and Instructor for Redken 5th Ave NYC. I traveled all over the world teaching the latest Hair Trends and Techniques and of course Promoting the latest and greatest Redken Hair Care Products.


What lead me to the Internet Marketing Business specifically the Make Money Online Niece. Before I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, I was fortunate enough to have a stroke. The reason I say I was fortunate was because when I was admitted to the hospital after suffering a stroke, I found out that the reason for having the stroke was I was about to die from Brain Cancer and didn’t even know I had it. My Doctor said I had my first Chemotherapy about 2 days before the Brain Cancer would have killed me. I do like living my life on the edge, but that was a little to close even for me.  Although I recovered pretty well from the stroke, the nerve damage affected my right side of my body. I was unable to use my right hand and arm for almost 4 months and being right handed all of my life and not able to use my right hand and arm made it impossible for me to continue in the only profession I had ever know. It did however create an opportunity to reach another goal I had all my life and that was to become ambidextrous. LOL Go ahead and laugh I know you want to. Now the real funny thing is at that moment when I suddenly had to start doing every left handed wasn’t when I became ambidextrous. It wasn’t until 4 months later when I started being able to use my right arm and hand again is when I realised I had accomplished my goal. Stroking out allowed me to reach another goal I had always wanted to as well, that goal was to retire before the age of 50. Now before you start thinking lucky you. I have to tell you from my personal experience. Early retirement is not all it’s cracked up to be. There is a big difference between early retirement because you want to and doing it because you are forced to and have no choice. Not to mention what it feels like to suddenly go from earning 6 figures to trying to survive on SSI. What are Government has decided we would require if you became disabled. Which by the way in case you didn’t know is less than $900.00 a month. So after trying to survive on SSI for 5 years and knowing the normal 9-5 job was no longer an option. I did what many have done for one reason or another. I turned to the Internet. Not so much for answers , but for opportunity. I  had heard that “People” “Crazy as it sounded” were  Making Money online. Like many of you. I remembered quite well the first time I typed into a Google search, “make money online”and suddenly I went from feeling helpless and hopeless to realizing the opportunities the Internet made available to anyone willing to learn how. It didn’t matter if you were young or old, skinny, stocky built funny looking or drop dead gorgeous. Experience or a complete newbie. The only requirements I personally found was that 1. you had to have the desire to succeed. 2. A I won’t stop or quit until I am where I want to be… attitude help a whole lot especially just starting out. Basically it is true anyone can Make Money Online. Its really true.


So 5 years ago I decided to learn all I could about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online being my own boss and working and running a successful Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Business out of my home.


My main focus within the internet marketing business is to live a free lifestyle by using the internet as my tool for creating digital products which others find useful. I am not a scam artist, I will not Recommend or Sell Information Products of my own or somebody else’s that do not work. I don’t profess to have all the answers. Like you I’m learning every step of the way. I love what I do and have been successful and that is why I want to share it with you. If at any time you want to get in touch with me then please do so. The best way to contact me is via my email address. davidlklein@davidlklein.com. Please feel free to use the contact or comment sections. Also I you just want to introduce yourself or just say hi, I am a real person just like everyone else and would love to hear from you.My main focus within the internet marketing business is to live a free lifestyle by using the internet as my tool for creating digital products which others find useful. I am not a scam artist, I will not Recommend or Sell Information


I hope you enjoy my Internet Marketing Blog https://davidlklein.com.