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May 12, 2018 by David Klein (Edit)

The Tube Funnel system is a step by step method showing how to generate over $100 per day by getting free targeted traffic from YouTube and sending that traffic through a special funnel. Works in all niches and comes with all the resources to get setup quickly. Including training on funnel creation, list building, and more.

Wouldn’t you agree, the key to a successful online business is a steady flow of targeted traffic? One of the best traffic sources is YouTube because you can get it for free and when using their ad platform, the traffic is also cheap and extremely targeted. You see all the videos on YouTube that are getting 1000’s of views every day. So, you can try to compete with them, or allow me to show you how you can legally and ethically barrow their traffic.

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Inside The Tube Funnel you’ll discover how to get traffic from the second largest search engine YouTube by using 3 Traffic Methods. You’ll also discover how to get more leads using paid YouTube ads and how to rank for even more free organic traffic as well. Now let’s check out The Tube Funnel Review below for more details!

As you are probably aware getting traffic is one issue. However even when you get that right, you will still need to have an effective funnel setup to make those commissions. For that reason, I now recommend The Tube Funnel by Mark Wightley & Cheryl Schinzig as it covers 3 different YouTube traffic methods and exactly how-to setup a funnel in any niche that simply converts and makes sales.

The Tube Funnel

Created by: Mark Wightley & Cheryl Schinzig

Launch Date: May 11, 2018

Launch Time: 9:00 am EST

Front-end Price: Starts at $7.00

Backed by a 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Mark Wightley is the Owner of the Marketing Alliance Coaching Program offering Internet Marketers personal one on one coaching for the development and profitability of their online businesses. Most importantly,  Mark has more than 50 successful online business websites that generate over $8000 per month.

Here are a few of the successful Digital Products Mark has created The Instant Profit Funnel, The Tube Equation, Cash Beyond Words.

Here’s exactly what’s included in The Tube Funnel:

The step by step full Tube Funnel Blueprint.

This is the exact method used by Mark and Cheryl along with detailed instructions for setting up you own Tube Funnel.

A Checklist.

To keep you on track and ensure you complete each step one step at a time.

The Tube Funnel Landing Page Plugin.

This Powerful plugin gives you the ability to quickly build impressive, high converting squeeze pages in any niche.

The entire system on a handy MP3 audio.

Perfect for listening on the go, in your car, or working out at the gym.

Mark’s personal list of profitable niches.

The list of niches he personally uses to make money daily.

All The Resources You Will Need.

To generate free organic traffic from YouTube to your website.

Mark reveals what tools to use to build a funnel that converts.

Most importantly, how you can do it for almost Zero Costs.

The Tube Funnel is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a real online income.

Mark provides proof revealing 1 campaign he set up using The Tube Funnel system over 5 years ago that has generated $148,221.16 in commissions Without any ongoing work at all. That about $167.00 per day. This is a complete system. Teaching you exactly how to get started to being able to scale this method to earning a job quitting income.

In addition to you also receive these fast action bonuses.

Fast action bonus #1







Fast Action Bonus #2







Are there any Up Sales? Yes

OTO 1 – The Tube Funnel Video Training the entire system in MP4 format.

The come with extra Traffic Training and additional bonuses.

Price $27.00

OTO 2 – 4 Done For you Campaigns. Along with step by step Video Training showing you exactly how to set them up quickly and easily. Ongoing monthly trainings videos and some additional bonuses for Copy & Paste members only.

Price $97.00+$8.95 per Month

 In Conclusion 

What do I personally think of this product? If you’re looking for a way to generate passive income without a lot of out of pocket expense. I highly recommend you make your purchase and get started right away.  Remember if you buy a product expecting to get the same results as the seller of the product had. It will take some action on your part after you download the product on your hard drive. Otherwise about the only results you can be guaranteed is collecting dust on your computer.

However if you follow a simple fail proof method whenever you buy a new product to expecting to create an additional income stream.

When you start watch the video training learning the method the seller used to generate the income achieved. If you Simply complete each step you learn one step at a time. Something magical happens along the way. When you finish the training, you will have also completed the product setup. And now you are to ready to start making money taking action and impeliming the method taught in the training hopefully getting simular or even better results, seen in the case studies for the method.

Now the only thing you had to do is Simply start the process all over again. Shampoo… Lather.(oh it feel so good), lol Rinse, Repete.

Remember for a website or blog to be successful it must have an ongoing  source of visitors or as we in the IM world refer to it as traffic. The more traffic or people that visit your website/blog giving you more opportunities to get them interested in the topics covered on you blog. So interested they subscribers to your email list to be updated on what is trendy you are covering on your blog.

Subscribers into buyers and a buyer on your list of subscribers list is worth their weight in gold. You see every time you make a sale your and the buyer build trust and it is proven that if they are happy with their purchase they will most likely buy from you again and might even refer a friend to start buying from you and so on, and so on. For those people that have heard of a food store that was popular in the 70’s and 80’s named Alpha Beta Markets. The spokesperson for the store was Alan Hamel he was married to Actress Suzanne Somers. I remember from hearing the commercials when I was in my teens. The would end each commercial  by asking their existing loyal customer base. If the liked shopping at Alpha Beta to tell a friend and if they tell a friend and so, on and so on. In turn you will always have a big smile on your face every time you are on your way to the bank.


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